Dear Trusted Affiliate,

I have been going through a process of re-evaluating my positioning over the summer working with a business coach (i’m onto my 6th session) as part of the government Growth Accelerator programme.

I have received feedback from people looking at my website saying it is professional but not too personable. Other consistent feedback is that I could convey more of myself on and through my website. This is particularly because clients are buying Chris Arning and not just Creative Semiotics!

I agree but in my efforts to do so I am concerned to balance my uniqueness and my passions and who I am as a consultant with clarity and professionalism. So I thought I’d ask those who have worked with me and know me for a bit of constructive feedback.

I wondered if you could just take a look at a new positioning statement which has emerged from some auditing of my work and vision and let me know if it rings true to what you know of me and my work. Constructive feedback is much appreciated.


The word ‘edification’ was actually the word arising out of the work I did with my business coach Ben Hewitt looking at the service and my unique way of providing it. My question mark around this word is that a) it is not as well understood as ‘inspiration’ b) it can have connotations of pomposity which I’d rather not convey. On the other hand, it actually does describe what I do and is more differentiating than inspiration which is a little bit overused these days.

What do you think; do you prefer Inspiration or Edification and why?

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